Renovation of facades

The facings of micro-concrete tiles of DECOROCK = saving money, working faster and easier and an improved quality of your work.

This is one of the applications of our products.
Finished the demolition work, the evacuation of the rubble, the long, noisy and dusty tasks around the house.

The thin bricks DECOROCK can be laid on all sound, clean,…


New constructions

DECOROCK has developed a manufacturing process that enables us to meet almost all your requirements (as much as possible and in sufficient quantities).


Examples :


  • PASSIVE HOUSE : House with Wooden Frame  :  wool insulation wood of 18 cm ; it is closed with 25 UD protect (panels of underlay of high resistance) , a ventilated gap of 2…


Interior decorations

  • Entrance halls (restaurants, hotels,...)
  • Verandas, mantelpieces, walls, kitchens, arches,...


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There are no limits to the uses of DECOROCK products as you can use them for everything you can thing of !