Decorock facing brick tiles look just like terracotta brick: dusty and rustic.

Dusty and rustic 1 Dusty and rustic 2 Dusty and rustic 3



  1. Brick tiles Decorock can be laid on any sound, clean and dry surface either indoors or outdoors. Use a comb to apply the mortar glue onto the support and onto the back of the brick tile.

    Mortar glue 1 Mortar glue 2 Mortar glue 3

  2. When working outdoors, always use a mortar glue which is specially designed for this purpose. Mark the levels out every 4 to 5 rows of tiles and keep the joints even using 12 to 15 mm tempory wedges, depending on the width of the joint you have chosen.

    Tempory wedges 1 Tempory wedges 2

    You can do any cutting work easily using a chainsaw with a concrete attachment or on a bench using a diamond blade.

    Cutting work 1 Cutting work 2 Cutting work 3

    The way you lay the joint has a huge effect on what it will look like once the job is finished.
    We recommend using ready-made outdoor pointing mortar in the colour you need to give the desired effect : the darker the joint, the darker the tiles will look well.

    White joint Dark joint

    As with any masonring facing, water is your worst enemy when you are working. Never do any work when it is raining and protect the building until the joint has hardened.

  3. Before repointing, brush gently to remove any dust which might stain the seal.

    Before repointing 1 Before repointing 2

  4. The repointing should be carried out 24 hours after laying the tiles. The pointing mortar must not contain too much water. It should be well tamped into both the horizontal and vertical joints.

    Pointing mortar 1 Pointing mortar 2
    Horizontal joints 1 Horizontal joints 2
    Vertical joints 1 Vertical joints 2

  5. Before the full drying, run a soft brush over the work to remove any surplus powder and any dripping of the joint.

    Before the full drying 1 Before the full drying 2 Before the full drying 3 Before the full drying 4 Before the full drying 5
  1. The application of a water-repellent is not obligatory but is advised :
    • peace during the first ten years for your external walls
    • possibility of cleaning your interior walls if possible stains

    * can be found in our showroom