The thin bricks DECOROCK are the result of a research of quality for a definite construction.

This is highly compacted Micro-Concrete Tiles, based on Portland cement, usually white and crushed limestone with carefully defined granulometry, which is checked by our specialists. The colorants, which are totally inert, used in the body, are micronized minerals. As no other products have been added, this is a completely environmentally friendly material.

All over the world -even in regions where climatic conditions are very sunny and bright -DECOROCK facings offer total resistance to UV rays.

The tests of the facing brick tiles DECOROCK can be communicated :

  • Liability to frost damage : Tests have been carried out by the Centre Scientifique et Technique de la Construction CSTC - Scientific and Technical Construction Centre), according to the DIN 52/04 and NBN B27-009 standards, and the cement manufacturer CBR "HEIDELBERG Group - Cement laboratory" which carried out 42 freeze-thaw cycles (as the Belgian standard is limited to 14 cycles).
  • Colour fastness under UV : Tests carried out by the CSTC,according to the ASTM G53-84 standard, have shown that after 500 hours exposure to ultraviolet radiation at a temperature of 50C°, followed by 100 hours of condensation at 40C°, there was no sign of ageing or variation in colour.
  • Mechanical resistances to compression and flexion : Tests are regularly being carried out in approved laboratories. Our own testing laboratory is also equipped to carry out frequent tests on resistance to flexion (the usual results are above 500 kg/cm² to compression and 80 kg/cm² to flexion).

DECOROCK products are available in various dimensions, surface structures, forms, flame treatment and sandblasting.

DECOROCK bricks can be laid either by a professional or by an experienced DIY enthusiast (please see our practical tips).

By following the right procedures and using appropriate mortars (adhesive cement or others), the bricks can be laid on almost all clean,stable supports: various types of masonry, plaster, wood, aggregates and even external compact insulating materials (PS, PU).


Supports examples :

Support : Concrete panels Support : old brick (with catchy) Support : concrete blocks Support : blocks of Néopor of BASF Support : blocks of Néopor of BASF
Support : blocks of Néopor of BASF Support : old brick Support : plates Eter-Backer HD Support : Ytong blocks